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currentlyonhiatussorry asked:

Hey bae! I sent in a submission about a week ago, and I was just wondering if it's normal for it to take that long for you to put it up (I understand you get a lot of submissions) or if my submission didn't go through or something. Just checking to make sure I shouldn't send it again!! xx love your blog, it makes me laugh every time!

It can take a very long time. Everything is added to the queue, which posts 4 photos a day. The queue will be over 1,000 by the time I finish today. I don’t check this daily or even weekly sometimes because the queue is so large I don’t need to. I don’t get user names with many of the submissions, and everything is in reverse order, so when you ask me if I got your submissions I really have no idea who you are or what you sent. Just be patient and enjoy the ride. Thanks for following and loving the blog! I love all your submissions and am thankful for your support!

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